How do you connect database from selenium?

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      VNTesters on #3635

      Connecting to database is language dependent. if we are using Java

      A Connection object represents a connection with a database. When we connect to a database by

      using connection method, we create a Connection Object, which represents theconnection to the

      database. An application may have one or more than one connections with a single database or

      many connections with different databases.

      We can use the Connection object for the following things:

      1). It creates the Statement, PreparedStatement and CallableStatement objects for executing the

      SQL statements.

      2). It helps us to Commit or roll back a jdbc transactionn.

      3). If you want to know about the database or data source to which you are connected then

      the Connection object gathers information about the database or data source by the use of


      4). It helps us to close the data source. The Connection.isClosed() method returns true only if the

      Connection.close() has been called. This method is used to close all the connection.

      Firstly we need to to establish the connection with the database. This is done by using the

      method DriverManager.getConnection(). This method takes a string containing a URL. The

      DriverManager class, attempts to locate a driver that can connect to the database represented by

      the string URL. Whenever the getConnection() method is called the DriverManager class checks

      the list of all registered Driver classes that can connect to the database specified in the URL.


      String url = “jdbc: odbc: makeConnection”;

      Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(url, “userID”, “password”);

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