[Selenium – Actual Project 01] – Guru99 Banking Website


Dự án về website dịch vụ ngân hàng (tạo mới/ sửa/ xóa khách hàng – nạp/ rút/ chuyển tiền,…) để các bạn thực hành viết script demo
Link: http://www.demo.guru99.com/V4/

Day 1 – Project Kickoff!:

Day 2 – Enhancements in Script:

Day 3 – Parametrize your Script:

Day 4 – Get Started with Dynamic Text:

Day 5 – Screenshots Required:



About Author

Dam has 4.5 years of experience in automated testing. Familiar with testing frameworks/ tools: Selenium/ Specflow/ Protractor/ Galen GUI Testing/ CucumberJVM/ CucumberJS/ Page Object Pattern. Personal website: https://automationfc.com